How to choose the perfect rail trail bikes

Rail trail trips have become very challenging due to lack of high proficiency bikes according to the report that was released by the tourism department of Otago in January 2016. Owing to that, for the sake of safety, comfort and time wastage prevention, tourists are requested to have bikes that are equipped with the features to overcome the obstacles of the rail trails. Before people go for Otago rail trail bike hire, they need to check the features of the bikes to ensure that they are reliable.

Features of the best Otago rail trail bike hire service

A comfortable, safe and reliable ride is what many people are looking for. However, as this desire for comfort is common, tourists need to ask themselves what brings this comfort in cycling. The raised handle bars make the cyclist to ride in an upright position, which reduce tiredness of the back even when riding for long distances. A uni-sex through frame is vital to ensure that it is easy to get on and off the bike with less struggle as seen in many bikes. The comfort grips offer a comfortable position when cycling on the rough roads.

Features kept for safety purposes on the Otago rail trail bike hire

There should be suspension forks and seat posts to enhance a secure riding position which will be safe for the cyclists even in complicated turnings of the bike. The saddle must be cushioned with gel to make it comfortable for the rider even in long hours of cycling.

The firms which offer services of Otago rail trail bike hire in Middlemarch must make sure that the bikes they offer should have large surface area paddles that will provide a comfortable and secure riding position for the cyclist. The large paddles help to prevent sore foot aches due to reduced pressure when cycling. Both front and rear brakes should be made from disks for secure reduction in speed and control as well as emergence stops. Visit at Cycle Surgery

Features available on Middlemarch Otago rail trail bike hire services for reliability

Every part is well fixed with the appropriate nuts and bolts to ensure that there is no separation of parts or loosening even when subjected to severe forces. The tyres are made with heavy duty rubber and a wire mesh in it to avoid penetration of thorns and hard objects that could cause punctures in the trails. High quality tyre tubes are used that make air to stay in for long, thus, giving an opportunity for a long distant ride without inconvenience.

Safety precautions when going to the rail trails

Besides trying all means to find Otago rail trail bike hire in Middlemarch, you need to know how to protect yourself from all kinds of drawbacks in the trail. First ensure that you have a helmet, which will protect your head in case you fall. Get tight clothes that will not compromise your cycling exercise to ensure that you are always able to move your legs and hands freely. Having heavy duty shoes that can withstand any force is of help to avoid having sores on your feet and wounds due to sticks and stones. More details at


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