The role of occupational health in today’s industries

Health-related problems are one of the reasons why workers miss work in Sydney. This is especially true in high-risk industries where workers are exposed to hazardous fumes, microorganisms, and other airborne particles that may weaken their immune system. That is why industrial companies require an occupational physician Sydney has today to ensure that workers are protected from job-related illnesses.

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Ever wondered why most companies require fitness for work documents? It is because they want to ensure you are capable of performing your duties with no pre-existing illnesses that might worsen while at work. Even if you are already working, you are still advised to have your annual physical exams to ensure that you are not at risk of developing work-related illnesses.

Why an occupational physician is important

Whatever type of industry you work for, you are exposed to various physical, mental, or social factors that might cause health problems. The role of an occupational physician Sydney companies hire these days is to ensure that workers are safe from health and safety hazards in the workplace.

What are the common hazards that workers may face?

If you are caught by fire, explosion, or chemical spill, you will need prompt medical attention. These accidents affect workers physically, especially those working in industries, plants, and warehouses.

However, there are health issues that are not visible on the outside, like poor mental health, overwhelming workload, poor self-esteem, and even ergonomics. These may not be obvious, but they also need attention. These are hazards present in an office environment.

On top of all these issues are the unforeseen accidents that may happen to anyone at any time. But with the help of occupational physician Sydney companies hire nowadays, you and your co-workers will be guided on proper safety practices to ensure that your workplace stays accident-free.

The role of organisations in ensuring workers’ health

It is an organisation’s duty to ensure that their workers are safe and risk-free during work. That is why safety measures are in place and safety devices are being used. Devices, such as masks or respirators, are put in place to protect workers from being exposed to hazardous fumes or harmful airborne diseases. Occupational physicians also conduct respiratory fit testing to ensure that the respirators used are compliant to standards and fit workers perfectly.

Before you sign any agreement with a company, make sure it has existing occupational health and safety measures in place. Your health should be given top priority by the company you work for. If this is left unaddressed, you are at a greater risk of developing life-threatening illnesses that may affect your productivity in the long run.

It is important that these occupational health goals are met:

  1. To prevent work-related illnesses
  2. To promote workers’ well-being
  3. To ensure that the workplace and practices are assessed and customised according to the individual needs of workers
  4. To manage potential health-related risks in the work environment

Happy workers are healthy workers whose conditions are being monitored by a dedicated occupational health physician. If your company is looking for experts in occupational health, find a team, like Resile, which is known for positive client feedback and has excellent track record. You may also visit their website,, for more details.

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